The Crazy Cow Lady Story

Hello dear friends!  This story is a bit different today…it’s not about my cows but about how the Crazy Cow Lady was born.  It’s going to be real and it’s coming from a place of pure panic right now.  Why am I panicking, you ask?  No, there are no cows loose or needing injections or castration…it’s because I’m revealing some personal stuff and I’m an introvert, so it naturally brings on panic!  And I apologize if it’s boring to some…but if it helps just ONE person out there, it’s worth it!

(Deep breath.)

I am an artist.  A creative entrepreneur, if you will, and it has taken me YEARS to be able to say those words.  I am an artist.  Anyone who has tried to create for a living (or for fun) might know the emotions these words evoke.  I am an artist.  I am a painter.  I am a writer.  Or whatever your passion may be.  I don’t have a degree in art or graphic design, I’ve never made real money with my art, so am I a REAL artist?  Yes.  I am. 

I tried to get a degree in art…in photography specifically…then I realized weddings are where the money is made.  I HATE taking photos of people!  And trying to catch the most important and magical moment of someone’s life – hell no!  Recalculating (GPS voice). 

How about a degree in fine art like ceramics?  Pottery as a career?  I told my father I was going to be a potter, he said might as well, everyone is smoking it these days!  Love that man!  Not a good indication of a successful career though. 

That and I took my first psychology course.  Hello new life goal!  Recalculating.  Not to mention that pesky voice that says art is not a sensible career liked psychology better.  I gave in to sensible and stable.  (Sigh)

Fast forward a few years, a few moves, a few jobs and we land at our farm.  I fall in love with my cows.  Here I am, with this awesome farm and awesome life, working a desk job that I really don’t love at all…not one bit.  So much for sensible career.  I read a hundred books on pursuing your passion, being courageous, leveraging the universe, thinking positive…all of them screaming to follow your passion.  

What are my passions?  Cows, pottery, art, and psychology.  Those fit together perfectly (sarcasm).  But I decide to try some terrifying stuff anyway and see if I can make something happen.  I read somewhere that if something terrifies you, it might be exactly the right thing to do.  So, what the hell, let’s give it a try! 

Terrifying moment #1 – everyone tells me to start a blog.  I am an introvert!  I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere for a REASON!  I have ZERO online presence and I like it that way!  Do I really want to do that?  Hell no!  But what the hell, lets do it. 

I take months to research blogging…because I’m a perfectionist (stalling in terror).  Then I put the final touches on my blog and decide I might be ready in a few weeks (stalling in terror).  Then, something happens…I hit the wrong button or something and I think I just published my blog!!  HOLY SHIT!  I panic!  The PUBLIC CAN SEE MY BLOG!!  OMG!! 

Then I realize the world did crumble around me.  I stop and breathe and say to hell with it, it’s done, I’m a blogger!  Relief mixed with panic mixed with excitement!  Now that was an unexpected set of emotions.  Then, to my great surprise, I had followers and likes!  Well, shit.  People actually think I’m funny!  Yet, I still feel the same terror EVERY time I post a blog.  But it’s manageable.  Thanks to you guys!!  

Terrifying moment #2 – I want to make and sell farm life stuff.  I take months to research how and when and what (stalling in terror).  I find a hero – Michele Hickey Designs – a creative entrepreneur and genius.  She asks direct questions that hit you in the feels and make you reflect on the REAL reason you haven’t launched a creative enterprise.  Yes, research = stalling in terror.  

Moving on, I created some designs and launched an Etsy and didn’t tell ANYONE.  I didn’t do any marketing, didn’t blog about it, didn’t put it on Facebook, didn’t tell a soul.  Why?  Secret stalling in terror.  I launched an Etsy, didn’t I?  Look at my courageous self!  I wanted to build a huge inventory before marketing!!  Bullshit…stalling in terror.

A month or so later…I log into Etsy to do further research on products and stuff (uh-huh, you know by now).  I log in…and HOLY SHIT!  I have VISITS!  I HAVE A FOLLOWER!!  I flat out panicked.  This has to be a mistake!!  I hit the refresh button and stare in disbelief at my stats.  Oh. My. God.  I HAVE VISITORS!!  They weren’t supposed to find me yet!  I’m not READY!

Where am I going with all this?  No more stalling in terror.  This is my final step to put everything out there and on the line!  Today, I’ve added products and I’m telling the world I have a shop!  And I decided to tell you about this journey because what if someone else was out there feeling this too?  What if someone out there thinks that it’s EASY and NATURAL for an artist to put their creations out to the world?  If they think no one would follow them or like their style?  If they, too, think they might not be good enough to do this?  So, I wanted to share what I went through to get to this point.  An outline of the whole terrifying mess – and to say just do it!  See what you can get away with!  To hell with it all!  Take a chance and face the terror!! 

I also wanted to say thank you to my faithful followers!  I know products are not what you signed up for and I honestly had no idea where this was going, but here I am!  I hope you’ll stay with me – I promise the hilarious farm follies will keep coming and I won’t overwhelm you with ads!!  Laughs are forthcoming very soon!  

For those that are interested in my shop, it is a celebration of farmers and strong ass women who do it all.  Farmers, career women, supermoms, cow moms, goat moms, cattle daddies…all of you out there holding it down and getting it done!  And YOU.  Yes, you reading this.  THANK YOU for being my faithful follower or visitor or friend!  I love you guys!   

Here’s a link!  Check it out!  And I will go panic as I hit the publish button!!  

Crazy Cow Lady Shop!


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