Our Story

Hello friend!  Crazy Cow Lady and Cattle Daddy here!  I’m a suburbanite from Ohio, he’s a country boy from North Carolina, and we bought a farm in the middle of nowhere Georgia!  Previous to this day, I had ZERO experience with cows.  Then we got cows and I LOVE them!  Probably too much.  Probably WAY too much!  We were supposed to sell or take them to the butcher, but that hasn’t happened and I tend to burst into tears when the discussion comes up.  To make me feel better, Cattle Daddy buys me a new cow “just for me”.  Of course, they’re all mine now!

This blog is to amuse you, plain and simple, at my expense.  My hard-learned cow lessons have amused many so far and this world needs more laughter!  Of course, my personality doesn’t let me stop there, so I will include fun life hacks and useful information and recipes –  because there’s always room for more recipes!

Welcome friends!!  I’m honored to have you stop by!

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